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*PRICING POLICY: Pricing is based on a fixed price per linear inch based on the size of the work (linear inch means you add the width dimension by the height dimension and that is your multiplier), however the pricing scale differs between acrylics & pastel, and watercolour & ink works (due to the level of detail inherent in the respective media, and hence the time required per piece). 

SHIPPING: All due care will be taken in shipping items in order to protect them from damage. Shipping of unframed pastel works involves using a layer of non-static, acid-free glassine paper to protect the painted surface, which is then sandwiched between layers of foamcore, and packed in bubblewrap. Pastel fixative is not used on the final layers of a painting as it tends to dull the brightness of the colours. 


Please note: All artwork is copyright Laura Grogan and copyright does not transfer with sale of original artwork.


ORIGINAL paintings for sale

Most of Laura's paintings are available as prints, framed prints, and cards.  


Original art pieces currently available for sale are shown below along with their prices*, medium and size (inches).


For more information on my creative process, and for work in progress shots, please visit 'Creating' pages.

For work in progress shots of new and upcoming work, please visit my 'Blog'. 


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