Suspicion and disguise
Tawny frogmouths. Combining ink and watercolour
I see you
Plumed whistling ducks. Masking and layered washes.
On the lookout
Osprey head study. Washes and feather details.
Fluffy and scruffy
Variegated fairy-wrens. Masking layers and feather details.
Watching and waiting
Forest kingfisher. Foreground branch detailing.
Mareeba rock wallaby. Ink and brush work, then watercolour.
Corroboree frogs. Pencil details and form through shading.
Poppies for my Grandfather. Washes and line detail.
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The Creative Process!

Through a series of work in progress photos for each painting listed below, I describe step by step how I create my art, including tips and techniques for achieving a good result. I talk about which materials I use and why, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of these materials. I discuss various points where things have gone wrong in my paintings, and how I rectified these problems in the finished product. For more work in progress demonstrations - see my blog


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